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The owner of and Top 10 Matkatarjoukset is Travel Sales Consultancy SL that is a travel agency, which is headquartered in Spain under number B-93395275 and seated at 4-4 Calle Londres, 29639 Benalmadena. The company's travel agency license number is CIAN-296565-2. 

For package tours that are organized by Top 10 Matkatarjoukset and sold in Finland, the general travel terms and conditions (i.e. the general package tour terms and conditions set by the Association of Finnish Travel Agents and the consumer ombudsman) apply primarily, and these travel conditions shall be applied secondarily. If these travel conditions and the general terms for package tours are in conflict, the general terms for package tours shall be applied. 

These general terms and conditions apply to all contracts signed between the consumer and Travel Sales Consultancy SL and all contracts signed between the consumer and The text of these general terms and conditions shall be delivered to the consumer prior to the conclusion of the contract.

Top 10 Matkatarjoukset may change these general terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. These changes do not apply to reservations for Top 10 Matkatarjoukset that have already been confirmed.

Clause 1: The supervisory authority and travel guarantee for a package tour

We are a Spanish company and therefore our operations are supervised by a Spanish consumer authority functioning under the regional government of Andalusia CIAN (CIAN is the Spanish equivalent of the Finnish Consumer Agency), that manages the securities that are deposited in order to guarantee your financial safety in an unlikely situation that we would become insolvent at the time of  your package tour.

You can contact CIAN as follows:

Servicio de Empresas y Actividades Tcas.
Dirección General de Calidad, Innovación y Fomento del Turismo.
Edificio Torretriana c/ Juan Antonio de Vizarrón, s/n (Phone no. 662976965)
41071  Sevilla


We are registered in the Business Register as a package tour operator with the following information:

CIAN package tour business registration number CIAN-296565-2

Travel Sales Consultancy SL has a valid security, and in addition the liability insurance required by the Spanish Law on Tourism that covers customers` potential personal and the economic damages which are attributed to the Company or a third party employed by the Company. 

Clause 2 – Cancellation of the reservation

The customer has the right to cancel his/her reservation in case and when Top 10 Matkatarjoukset raise the price of the reserved offer, or when the customer has reasonable doubts about the ability of Top 10 Matkatarjoukset to realize the tour that is the subject of the contract, or if the client is unable to attend because of an unexpected or serious event that has an effect on passengers. Cancellations are in any event charged for potential expenses specified in Clause 3.

Clause 3 – Cancellations and/or changes made by the Customer

1. Airlines terms and conditions do not allow the cancellation of air tickets, unless otherwise indicated. If the consumer wants to cancel or change the flight, he or she should contact the relevant airline. Top 10 Matkatarjoukset also deals with cancellations, see the service price list below. 

2. Accommodation cannot be cancelled without charge unless that is mentioned when booking. 

If the accommodation can be cancelled, the consumer has to pay in any case, the service costs * and the accommodation service provider's own cancellation charges that are mentioned at the time of booking.

3. Cancellation and change requests must be sent by e-mail, and are recorded as received on the date when the notice has been sent, with the exception of the cancellation and change requests that arrive after 17:00 which are recorded as received on the next day. 

We recommend that our passengers purchase travel insurance that covers at least cancellation insurance in case of illness. Insurance coverage can vary. Please check that the insurance cover is adequate.

* Change and cancellation service charges

Airline ticket cancellation charge after ticketing (only if the ticket type allows): 15% or minimum 50 € / booking + possible airline's or global reservation system's own cancellation charges

Airline ticket change fee after ticketing (only if the ticket type allows): 20 € / booking + possible airline's or global reservation system's own change fee and the possible price difference on the new date whether there is a vacancy on the new booking date. 

Car Rental change and cancellation service charges after confirmation: 30 € / booking + possible car rental company`s own cancellation charge and the possible price difference on the new booking date. However, if you cancel your rental car booking within 48 hours before pick-up time we will charge you 100% of the costs.

Hotel reservation change fee (if conditions permitting): 20 € / booking + possible new date price difference

Hotel reservation cancellation charges (if conditions permitting): Min 15% or minimum 50 € / booking + possible accommodation provider`s own cancellation charges

Flight/ferry + Hotel package cancellation costs after ticketing (only if the ticket type allows and/or the accommodation provider booking conditions permitting): 15% or minimum 70 € / booking + possible airline's own cancellation charge and accommodation provider`s own cancellation charges. 

Flight/ferry + Hotel package change fees after ticketing (only if the ticket type allows and/or the accommodation provider booking conditions permitting): 20 € / person + possible airline's own fees and accommodation provider`s own fees. 

Entrance tickets cannot be changed or cancelled.

If the booking has been paid by credit card or fractional payments, the client is solely responsible for possible credit cancellatiot fees and interests

Clause 4 – Cancellations and/or changes made by Top 10 Matkatarjoukset

1. Top 10 Matkatarjoukset reserves the right to cancel the booking if the consumer does not provide all the information required for his/her or other persons` bookings or any information required to verify the payee's indetity. 

2. If the reservation cannot be carried out, Top 10 Matkatarjoukset shall inform the consumer without delay. 

3. Sometimes we may need to make changes to reservations. Most of these changes are minor, and we shall notify you by e-mail as soon as possible, before the start of your trip. If the change is significant and it is not due to reasons beyond our control, we shall do our best to offer a replace option corresponding to the price (if such an option is offered) paid or refund the received payment. If a significant change has occurred for reasons beyond our control (as described below), Top 10 Matkatarjoukset is not liable to pay you any compensation.

a) Reasons beyond the control of Top 10 Matkatarjoukset

These are unusual, unforeseen obstacles or force majeure, which are not ours to control and the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if everything that would have been necessary to prevent them had been done, including, but not limited Other overriding reasons for the changes are also situations in which the hotel where the client has a confirmed reservation, decide to start the tourist season later than scheduled or close the indicated period in the past, or have committed a technical error between overbooking or agent and the hotel as a result of that reservation cannot be found upon arrival to the hotel. Travel reservation cannot be confirmed due to a technical error, or the accommodation provider or an airline or tour operator refuses to accept the booking and it will be noticed before the final booking confirmation. If this were to happen, we will contact as soon as possible to discuss options with you. to war, threat of war, riots, civil disobedience, the state of emergency action, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, fire, unusual weather conditions, floods, or water level fluctuations, airports closure including due to the third party industrial action, technical or maintenance operations, or unforeseen airline business decisions such as schedule changes, or IT infrastructure changes (including our Internet website), or failures of Internet access or any similar event compatible with applicable law. Other overriding reasons for the changes are also situations in which the hotel where the client has a confirmed reservation, decides to start the tourist season later than scheduled or close the indicated period earlier, or are responsible of overbooking or a technical error between the agent and the hotel that has resulted in the situation where the reservation cannot be found upon the arrival of the customer to the hotel. Travel reservation cannot be confirmed due to a technical error, or the accommodation service provider or an airline or tour operator refuses to accept the booking and it is noticed before the final confirmation of the booking. If this were to happen, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the options with you. 

Event organizers (concerts, football clubs / national football leagues, theatres, motor sport events) and other tourism providers (tour companies, extreme event services) may also sometimes cancel events or change the pre-agreed time of their events. In these cases, we will not replace lost tickets or e.g. change in costs of flights and hotel bookings. If the conditions of the event organizer's permit, we will refund the price of the event share to the consumer. 

Unless it is otherwise expressed in these travel terms and conditions, we here regret that we cannot take responsibility or pay the compensation in a situation where we cannot adhere to our contractual obligations due to such factors outside of our control.

Clause 5 – e-tickets and reservation confirmations

We take no responsibility if you do not get the e-ticket or booking confirmation due to incorrectly entered email address or because your e-mail settings, or where the emails end up in spam. 

If you have made a booking through Top 10 Matkatarjoukset, and your contact information changes, you must report the changes immediately to our Customer Service. In addition, we kindly ask you to verify that your name details are consistent with the data in your passport, the passenger ticket and other acknowledgments.  

It is your responsibility to inform us within 72h from making your booking if an electronic ticket or booking confirmation did not arrive to you. This applies to all potential reservation information, flights, car reservations, transportation etc. provided with the electronic ticket. 

Clause 6 – Flight schedules

1. The flight schedules are given for guidance only. All departures and arrivals shown in the flight ticket are provided by the company and are estimates only. They are subject to change due to the constraints imposed by air traffic control, due to weather, the airline operational constraints and the need to have the passengers checking in on time.

We shall announce the schedule changes by e-mail, using the email address that you provided at the time of your reservation. It is the customer's responsibility that the e-mail address is correct, and that the emails do not end up in spam. 

We are not responsible for any changes in departure and arrival times by the airline compared to the times previously disclosed to you and we do not memorize the changes made by the airline. Flight tickets will be updated automatically by the new schedule offered by the airline. Please also note that if you do not use one flight without contacting the carrier directly any remaining flights may be cancelled automatically without notice. In such situations, we are not responsible for any costs incurred. For this reason you have to confirm your flight according to the timetable set by the airline.

It is your responsibility to always check the departure and arrival times regarding your tour flights.

Where a change or cancellation is due to reasons beyond our control (such as the situation of force majeure), we are entitled to charge service fees in accordance with our price list.

If you are late, Top 10 Matkatarjoukset cannot make any special arrangements, because these provisions are the airline's terms and conditions. Please note that the times shown in confirmations and tickets are local flight departure times. You need to make sure of the check-in times in the airlines or flight schedules, and you should be aware that they are the minimum periods within which passengers can be accepted for, so that all the formalities have to be performed before departure. Airlines have the right to deny boarding if you arrive too late to check-in. In such cases, Top 10 Matkatarjoukset or the airline do not take any responsibility.

Please note that the airlines have the right to change their schedules and have already booked routing before or during the journey.

Clause 7 – Complaints

1. If the consumer considers that there are sufficient grounds to raise a complaint concerning the accommodation and/or the tour, he/she has to note that to the staff (hotel, airline, tour operator) representative at the destination. If the problem cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the customer on site, the customer has to contact the customer service of Top 10 Matkatarjoukset already during the trip. If the consumer has paid extra charges to clarify a problem which is later considered as caused by Top 10 Matkatarjoukset  or the third-party that the company has used, then the compensation is paid only in so far as the matter has been reported to the Top 10 Matkatarjoukset already in the tour destination and the company has been given an opportunity to solve the problem before the emergence of the expenses. 

2. The consumer may lodge a complaint to Top 10 Matkatarjoukset in up to 72 hours after his/her return. Top 10 Matkatarjoukset will do the best to find an appropriate response within 30 working days.

Clause 8 - Tourism & City Tax and Fees and the resort fees in the US

Prices do not include any charge levied by different countries and cities, urban and tourism taxes, or the resort fees, especially in the United States. These are the fees charged by the authorities, which are levied in hotels, airports and ports. Such a fee will not be charged in all destinations. Urban and tourism tax generally ranging from 0.50 € / day for up to 5 € / day, depending of the destination and the hotel classification. We maintain a list of Tourism & City Taxes via this link, although we cannot guarantee that the information is always up to date. 

Clause 9 – Correctness of prices, hotel services descriptions, scheduling and baggage rules on our site

We will do our best to have accurate information concerning all the products published on our Internet website, including prices, flight schedules and baggage rules. However, due to the very large number of flights and hotels that we offer on our website it is inevitable, in rare cases, that the published information can be incorrect. We cannot bear responsibility for such errors. In case of doubt it is the customer's responsibility to contact Top 10 Matkatarjoukset prior to booking.  

In cases where something other than the price is materially misstated, we offer the customer the opportunity to exchange the product for a similar one (if available), or we shall negotiate a fair compensation with the customer. 

In case of possible incorrect price (if the product is sold accidentally at too low rates), the customer is offered either a full refund or the opportunity to pay the difference between the right price and the price paid and keep the booking valid. 

Some airlines will add a separate fee in booking phase 2 when the flight total price for these airlines is not shown in search results. The total cost will only be shown in the page of booking phase 2 where also this potential additional payment is specified. 

Hotel services and classification
Please note that the hotels booked by us for you are not exclusive to Top 10. We are not responsible for any limitation in facilities because of other hotel guests or their activities.

Hotel star rating/classification is used to describe the general standard and services of a hotel, level of service, quality of food, and the number of amenities and facilities in a hotel. The classification methods vary highly from supplier to supplier and country by country, and star rating is intended for guidance only. The star rating is not a service quality guarantee by the travel agency. 

Top 10 does not take responsibility for hotel content (including images, facility listings, etc.) displayed on our website. Hotels may change facilities and property features without prior notice to Top 10 and it is the customers’ responsibility to confirm facilities directly with the hotel before the departure. Specially swimming pools and other outdoor facilities open only during the summer period and when weather permits, unless opening times are specifically mentioned in the sales description. 

Clause 10: Passport, visa and vaccination requirements for your trip

It is important that you check the passport and visa regulations as well as all the vaccination requirements of the country of destination (and transit!) as early as possible because the processing of the required documents may take some time. In principle, you should ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your journey because this is now a mandatory requirement in many countries around the world. Top 10 Matkatarjoukset assumes no responsibility for any financial consequences if you have not complied with these guidelines. 

Ulkoministeriön website provides up to date travel information concerning your destination and from there you can get passport and visa information, and also information on vaccinations and other health issues. On the site you will also find other useful information concerning, inter alia, local practices, transport and entry.

Clause 11: Pregnancy and small children 

Some airlines and cruise lines prohibit travelling for women who are in their 28th week or more in pregnancy. Gestation period is calculated according to the return date. Pregnancy week-limits may differ between different companies. It is the customer's responsibility to check the special conditions set by the airline and/or cruise line concerning pregnancy and the health status, and also to discuss with her doctor. 

Infants must be at least 6 weeks to travel on an airplane, and they must travel in an adult's lap. Make clear about the airline babies' specific terms and conditions before booking. Generally, children over 2 years must have their own seat. Most airlines offer a special baby-price for children aged under 2. 2 to 11 years are generally considered children. Age limit is calculated according to the return date. 12 years and over pay the adult price.

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